Cyprus’ first Chinese-language radio station serves as cultural bridge

Chinese Radio

A radio station in Cyprus is hoping to be a platform for understanding Chinese culture and people. Its owners may be Cyprian, but it broadcasts in Chinese through a Chinese host. In this episode of On the Belt and Road, CGTN reporter Wu Guoxiu tells us what’s it like to be on the airwaves in the Mediterranean.

Su Ping is the host of a Chinese-language radio program on CCN Radio in Cyprus. The program, only a couple of months old, focuses on Chinese content and music. Su wants to share modern China with Cyprus, and at the same time tell the Chinese back home how life is like in Cyprus.

Su says, “I want to show China’s change to local Cypriots. I also want to show Chinese life and homesickness to people in China.”

CCN broadcasts over the Internet and feedback from listeners have encouraged the owners to expand its reach.

 “People contact us from many countries, United Kingdom especially, the US and many other countries,” says co-owner Marios Ahhas. “This kind of media is basically concentrated on Chinese people outside China needs.  We’re planning to put some video to cover their activities…”

Kyriakos Kadis, the other co-owner, adds, “When I was in my university in the UK, I took an opportunity to learn Chinese. I went to China to learn in Beijing Language and Culture University. I want to strengthen the bonds between Cyprians and Chinese.”

You may not see many Chinese on the streets of Nicosia but Su Ping is one of them. It’s been 17 years since she set foot on the city, and she is still impressed by its livability and easy access to other European countries.

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