The acquisition and possession of an Identity Card is mandatory for any beneficiary who has completed his twelfth (12) years.
Identity Cards are issued only to citizens of the Republic of Cyprus.

In order to issue an identity card replacement, the interested persons are contacted at the local Offices of the District Administrations and at the local Citizens Service Centers.

It is noted that the issue of the cards is not made at the applicant’s place of filing, but at the headquarters of the Department. However, citizens should refer to the place where they initially submitted their application to receive their Identity Card. It is recommended that the citizens go to the place of submission of the application to receive their Identity Card no earlier than ten (10) working days from the date of filing the application.

The validity of identities is ten (10) years for an adult and five (5) years for minors.

Required documents:

(a) Completed Application Form
(b) Original Birth Certificate
(c) Original Marriage Certificate in the case of a married woman wishing to change her surname or Divorce in case of divorce.
(d) A passport, if the applicant holds a person other than Cypriot citizenship.
(e) Certificate of Cypriot Citizenship (if the applicant has acquired Cypriot Citizenship by enrollment or naturalization);
(f) Payment of the fee based on the applicable legislation. Fees are paid in cash upon submission of the application, in return for proof.

Issue / renewal fee is very low.

Issuing identity to minors:

If the application is submitted for persons under the age of 12, it must necessarily be completed and signed by both parents, father and mother, before the Receiving Officer.

If one of the two parents is abroad, the application must be completed and signed by the parent located in the Republic and must be accompanied by the written consent of the parent abroad, that he / she agrees to the identity card his / her minor child. This consent must be certified by the Consular Authority of the Republic.

If the parents are divorced, then the application will be signed by one of the two parents who have custody and parental responsibility, and the application must be accompanied by a Family Court Order on Custody and Parental Responsibility.

Note that for minors over 12, the application may be completed and signed by either or both parents.

In case of loss or theft of an Identity Card, the applicant submits in addition:

Statute Statement by the Court of Loss / Theft.

Complaint to the Police for Loss / Theft.

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