Cyprus is in the privileged position of enjoying almost a year around of sunshine. This makes it ideal for adventure seekers to cruise with Yachts at unpolluted waters under perfect weather conditions, thus discovering the beauty of the Cypriot coastline.




Private Jet services are provided for individuals who like to travel in style and luxury. The need of traveling with exclusive means is satisfied with private planes that don’t offer just a “plane ride” but a unique VIP experience.



With a variety of options, individuals who enjoy this elite sport can access golf courses within an hour’s reach anywhere in the island. Golf courses in Cyprus are described by the astonishing surrounding landscapes and the perfect weather conditions that make it ideal for individuals to practice the sport.



If you are looking to care for your mind and body and soul, Cyprus is THE location to satisfy such needs. With a growing investment in wellness, Cyprus has become the perfect destination in the Mediterranean with state of the art well-being centers, thus providing a holistic treatment to the individual that seeks it.


The Cypriot night life is a beehive of activity that offers a variety of exclusive VIP sortie with options to satisfy any need. Dine in luxury restaurants and drink the most refreshing cocktails in hidden locations. Make a VIP reservation at the most socially engaged clubs and enjoys the unique care, Cypriot hospitality has to offer.


Shopping is an everyday task for most Cypriots as the island can be described by vast consumerism. Whether you seek apparel or furniture, shopping centers are in reach within city centers, offering the latest in fashion trends and innovative designs.



Usually, the smallest things have the dearest value. Cyprus is a small island with great history measuring thousands of years. Take pleasure in private tours to ancient landmarks and breathtaking landscapes. Learn from the rich history and epic legends of the island. Relive events and visit theme parks that provide the best insights of which events and activities shaped the Cypriot society.




For the wine lovers, Cyprus with its nearly 4000 year old history in producing wine, is embed with a diverse variety of vineyards from mostly family owned fields that make sure to keep the old tradition in taste through new technologically advanced means in production. Take a tour and create great memories through fieldtrips that will satisfy your taste pallet and soothing your spirit.

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