The maternity grant is an one-off payment to each woman who has given birth while living in Cyprus, provided that she is a resident of Cyprus and either her or her husband fulfills the insurance conditions. The maternity grant is payable after the child birth and in addition to the maternity benefit.

The maternity grant is also paid for a child born dead after a pregnancy of at least 28 weeks.

To be entitled to maternity grant either the claimant or her spouse must fulfil the following conditions:

Have been insured for at least 26 weeks;

Have paid contributions on earnings of at least 26 times the weekly amount of basic insurable earnings (0.50 insurance points);

Have paid and / or assimilated contributions on earnings of at least 20 times the weekly amount of basic insurable earnings in the previous contribution year.

The nonworking wife of an insured man is also entitled to maternity grant. The unmarried women who have recently gave birth and do not fulfill the above eligibility conditions for maternity grant can apply for single mother benefit.

Since 2010 the grant amount for each child is equal of the yearly basic covered earnings.

To obtain maternity grant an application form together with these certificates must be submitted at nearest Social Insurance Office:

the original birth certificate of the child;

the marriage certificate (unless it was submitted previously);

a statement of the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) signed and stamped by the applicant’s bank with the full details of the bank account where the transfer will be made.

The application form for maternity grant should be submitted within twelve months from the date of the birth.

For more information on maternity grant contact the Department of Social Insurance of the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance.

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