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The application must be submitted within THREE MONTHS from the date which the pension is claimed.

Together with the application, the following original documents must be submitted:

The Applicant’s Birth Certificate.

Marriage Certificate (If the Applicant is married).

A letter by the President of the Community Council or the Parish/Community Priest of the applicant, to confirm that the applicant lives together with the husband/ wife and his/her other dependants, and if he/she does not live together with them, whether he supports the financially (either exclusively or mainly).

A Birth Certificate for each dependent child of the applicant.

A School Attendance Certificate for each dependent’s single child. For girls aged between 15 and 23 years old. For boys aged between 15 and 25 years old.

A military service certificate for each single dependent’s son up to 25 years old doing his serving in the National Guard.

A Medical certificate for an disabled single child over the 15 years old that is permanently incapable to work and supported from the applicant.

If the applicant is female, she should also fill the form for credited insurable earnings for child birth, Form Y.K.A. 430.

If the applicant have studied in an educational institution after he/she become 16 years old, he/she must fill the application for granting credit due to regular training Form Y.K.A. 1-010.

If the applicant is male, born after 1.1.1940, he should fill the application for credited insurable earnings due to National Guard service, Form Y.K.A. 1-011.

If the applicant has worked in a mine he should fill the declaration of miner’s occupation, Form Y.K.A. 311.

A certification from the Bank/Cooperative Bank, in which the applicant and his/her International Bank Account Number (IBAN) should be present.

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