Required Documents

Persons applying to obtain a Cypriot Biometric Passport or Travel Document for the first time must provide the following documents:

(a) Application (Type M. 9G / T).
(b) Birth Certificate (original)
(c) Marriage Certificate (for married women)
(d) Certificate of Cypriot Citizenship (if the applicant has acquired Cypriot Citizenship by enrollment or naturalization)
(e) Identity Card.

The biometric passport validity time is 10 years for adults and 5 for minors.

Lost Passport

In case of loss of a Passport, the application for replacement shall be accompanied by the following
(a) confirmation by the police or consular authority that a statement of the applicant for loss of Passport has been filed;
(b) affidavit of the conditions of loss of his passport.

If it is a first, second, third, etc. loss or damage or theft, the fees will be twice as high as the previous issue.

Passport issue to minors

Passports are issued to minors provided that
(a) the consent of both parents is given in writing; or
(b) with the consent of one of the two parents who have parental responsibility of the child, following a decision of the competent court; or
(c) of the parents consented when the other is absent permanently abroad or is unknown hostname, or
(d) with the consent of the mother when the child is a child born out of wedlock and the father is unknown.

Receiving Passport Offices

Within the framework of the decentralization implemented by the Ministry of Interior, applications for the issuance of passports are received at the District Offices that have been specifically authorized for this purpose at the local Citizens Service Centers and the Consular Authorities of the Republic of Cyprus for Cypriot Citizens residing in abroad.


Fees are paid in cash upon submission of the application, in return for proof.



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