Student Benefits

Permanent Residents

Under the State Students Welfare Law of 2015 (Law 203 (I) / 2015) as well as a relevant Ministerial Council Decision, student allowances are granted taking into account property and income and social criteria , for subsidizing specific needs . Beneficiaries of student grants are awarded after an evaluation of applications, based on a grading system that measures the economic and social criteria, until the available credits for each academic year are exhausted. The allocation of the application will be made in order to rank all eligible applicants as a matter of priority (based on the aggregate of the applicant’s aggregate).Submission of an application for financial support does not necessarily imply the granting of financial aid, even if all conditions are met, due to the large number of applicants in relation to the amounts allocated for this purpose. Therefore, if the amount of benefits to beneficiaries is greater than the available funds, the people who have collected the fewer molecules will be excluded.

The financial situation of the applicants’ family is calculated on the basis of per capita annual gross income of the family. For determining per capita annual gross income, the total annual gross family income is calculated and divided by the number of dependent family members.
Social Criteria:
The assessment of applications will take into account social problems / health problems faced by the student and / or his / her family, provided that all relevant certificates / certificates are attached. It should be noted that the student will also come from a family with three or more dependent children. In particular, the following problems will be taken into account, each of which collects points of magnitude.

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