The application for immobilization of a vehicle is received by the District Offices of TOM and the Citizen Service Centers. The owner can immobilize his vehicle for a specific period or indefinitely. If the applicant reports a period that he intends to immobilize his vehicle then the immobilization is valid for the specified period of time, otherwise it is valid for an unlimited period of time.

Required forms:

Supplemental Immobilization Form TOM 12A

Authorization by the Authorization Authority to immobilize a Public Vehicle (where applicable)

Payment of late registration fees until the month of commencement of immobilization.


If the vehicle is immobilized before the end of the current marketing authorization, the fees corresponding to the remaining months of the marketing authorization are reimbursed. (Please contact the Department for the required forms and return information.)

If the owner wishes to stop the vehicle, he may do so simply by renewing the registration certificate for the vehicle in question, provided that he holds a valid certificate, a valid A, D, E license or a Road Vehicle License where applicable.

Please note that a new application must be submitted for each period of detention.

Vehicle immobilization is governed by the Motor Vehicles and Traffic Act of 1972, as amended to date.

Driving License Forms / Procedures

International Driving License

Applicants, together with all relevant documents, must present themselves in the offices of the Department of Road Transport or Citizen Service Centers.

Acquire an International Driving License:

Fill in the relevant form: TOM 26A (in English)

Two recent photos of 30×35 mm

ID card

Cypriot Driving License

The international driving license is valid for one year and can be used in non-European countries which have signed the Geneva Convention of 1948.

The issue of an international driving license is governed by the 2001 Driving License.

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